Fine Dining Multi-Course

•ideal for a fine dining experience for 4-12 people

•for six + people I recommend choosing two "cocktail hour appetizers"

For Sommelier / Wine Services contact Jim Santangelo for prices and availability -

“Cocktail Hour”

Southwestern Style Nacho
Poached Shrimp on a Wonton Crisp

avocado salsa, tabasco fried shallots, bell pepper oil

Black Truffle Stuffed Triple Cream Brie
apple slaw, pomegranate syrup, butter toasted crostinis

Bison Meat Balls with a Trio of Sauces
tomato, parmigiano reggiano, basil pesto, truffle oil

Tempura Warm Water Lobster Tail Roll
soy-creme fraiche sauce, sunflower sprouts, chili oil

AHCS "California Roll"
creamy jumbo lump crab with bell peppers, mango and avocado
tomatillo-cilantro puree

"Caesar Salad"
belgian endive stuffed with spicy seared shrimp
saffron emulsion, capers, pecorino romano "crunch", marinated tomatoes

Jumbo Lump Crab "Ceviche" with Mango, Cucumber and Avocado
toasted wonton chips, belgian endive, herbs, citrus, spicy peppers

Asian Style Vegetable Wontons
green thai curry-coconut dipping sauce

Proscuitto Wrapped Mango with Boursin and Mint
edible flowers

"Caprese Salad" Bruscetta
oven dried tomatoes, arugula pesto, truffle oil, balsamic marinated mozzerella

Ahi Tuna Tartar
golden beets, avocado, coconut amino, chipotle

Duo of Smoked Salmon and Potato Pizza
creme fraiche, truffle oil, red onion, capers, dill, chevre

American Sturgeon Caviar
wonton chips, cucumber, red onion, creme fraiche, capers

Lamb Chop Lollipops with a Spicy Bell Pepper Chutney

"First Plated Appetizers"

Blueberry - Hoisin Glazed Baby Back Rib
Napa cabbage slaw , green tea

AHCS Cobb Salad
Micro Green Salad with Mango and Avocado

sherry vinaigrette, crispy pancetta, lobster, truffled deviled egg

Belgian Endive Caesar Salad
saffron emulsion, basil marinated tomatoes, parmesan "crunch"

Seared Duck Breast Salad with Micro Arugula
chevre-blueberry wonton ravioli, Chinese 5 spice, pickled red onion, miso vinaigrette

Proscuitto Wrapped Sea Scallop
wild mushroom risotto, tropical fruit chutney, bell pepper puree

"Nouveau Style BLT"
Seared Foie Gras on Puff Pastry

oven dried tomatoes, micro greens, crispy pancetta, stilton aioli

Butternut Squash and Grand Marnier Bisque
roasted squash "pumpkin pie", watercress, Austrian pumpkin oil

Lobster and Sweet Potato "Bisque"
bourbon, tarragon, crispy sweet potato

Bibb Lettuce "Wedge Salad"
pancetta, mango / avocado vinaigrette, stilton

Arugula Salad
grilled fennel, pomegranate syrup, dried apple

Ruby Trout "Almondine"
brown butter, micro green, tomatillo - herb puree


Seared Sea Bass
creamy polenta, green thai curry , macadamia nuts, prawn wonton

Coconut Amino - Dijon Glazed Scottish Salmon
bay shrimp wonton, broccolini, red rice

Pumpkin Seed Pesto Crusted Jumbo Prawns
ruby red grapefruit, arugula custard, blue D'Auvergne

"Mac's N Cheese"
broiled lobster tail with orzo
cheddar bechamel, prosciutto, black truffle

Dijon Rubbed Pork Tenderloin
caramelized pears, port wine reduction, pork-blue D’Auvergne wonton “ravioli”, crushed toasted walnuts, pomegranate

Rack of Morgan Valley, Utah,  Lamb Stuffed with Sun Dried Cherries
potato roesti, haricot verts, kirschwasser, port reduction

Sangria Braised Beef Short Rib with Peaches, Blackberries and Apple
toasted barley risotto, baby vegetables

Seared Prime Filet of Beef
potato-chipotle "souffle", rosemary grilled asparagus, sweet onion rings

Grilled Utah Elk Tenderloin
wild mushroom strudel, truffled mascarpone, "waffled" potato chip, root vegetable puree

Seared Breast of Game Hen
cranberry brine, cranberry chutney, savory bread pudding, arugula


Chambord Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Chevre Cheesecake
petit banana tart, kahlua mousse

Toblerone Chocolate Fondue
Mexican wedding cookies, pound cake, strawberries, seasonal fruits

Cowboy Coffee Pots De Creme
Park City blend, toblerone chocolate, mascarpone, chili powder

Strawberries Stuffed with a Light Berry Mousse
dipped in white and dark chocolate

Huckleberry Lemon and Mint Sorbet
caramelized blueberries, lemon confit

Zinfandel Poached Pear and Ginger Custard Tart
green tea ice cream, diced strawberries

Apple, Mango and Dried Cherry Strudel
rosemary ice cream, oven dried apple chip, caramel

Maple Creme Caramel
seasonal fruit, puff pastry, mint

Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes
mascarpone, blueberry caramel


Multi-Course menu by private chef Allyn Griffitth
(print menu above as Word documnet)


Duo of Smoked Salmon Pizza by private chef Allyn Griffitth

Tempura Lobster Roll

Seared Duck Breast Salad by private chef Allyn Griffitth

Bib Lettuce Wedge Salad

Utah Elk Tenderloin by private chef Allyn Griffitth

Beef Tenderloin with a Duo of Potato

Apple Strudel by private chef Allyn Griffitth

Berry Cheese Cake